Mama has been doing some really important stuff for our furiend Lexi lately. See Lexi has been very sick wif many bladder stones and bad teeth. Then when she went to have her surgery last Friday, the vet saw that she had more things wrong with her. Not only did she have 3 more stones in her bladder, but she also had a major infection inside her bladder from not receiving medical attention. 

Without hesitation, mama set up a fundraising event for Lexi to be able to have her surgery as soon as possible. It was clear without doing something, Lexi could very well die. 

Within a week, mama was over her original goal! Through the kindness of strangers and from the generosity of furiends all wanting to help get Lexi her surgery as soon as possible. Together, we all worked to share, donate and raise awareness of her plight.

Today her account was paid and what a feeling it is to know that all this hard work has paid off for Lexi. Who 4 days post surgery is doing much better than she was 2 days ago. She has moments when she feels like she is on top of the world, only to realize she can’t jump up onto the bed or go down stairs :). 

She is starting to show signs of happiness and joy in her life. Sure it will be a few weeks yet, before she will be up for adoption, but we know when she will, she will find her furever home very, very soon. 

Thank you, from the bottom of our furry hearts. 



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