Yes, the dreaded “C” word. The one word we always hope our beloved pets or humans never ever have to deal with. 

Unfortunately, my furiend Paco who has been at our house for about a month now, mommy has learned his biopsy came back with skin cancer :(. He is a senior and so handsome, yes, even I as a boy dog can say my furiend is handsome :). Mommy says he is in the early stages of kidney failure and he has a heart murmur. I don’t know what a heart murmur is, but I do know if you were to look at him, you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with him. 

He has gained weight on his special food. His coat is shiny, he likes to play wif mommy and daddy too. Mommy says she knows that she shouldn’t think it, but she does hope that everyone is wrong and he will be a-ok. 

He goes to get his stitches out this week as well as have a special x-ray that will tell us what stage his cancer is. 

We as a pack know that Paco will be staying with us. He is happy here and we want him to feel the love he has been. We don’t want him in any boarding place where he can be forgotten and lonely. :(. He deserves far better than that. 

So if you could keep this special guy in your pawyers, we would really appreciate that. 



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