Where do you sit?

Today Mama and Daddy took meh sister Lucy and I (Blaze) on one of our car rides. This time we were taking Daddy to go away on a big plane or something. I normally sit wif mama as I have always. I know some humans wouldn’t like to hear that I snuggle in mama’s arms and go to sleep, while she drives wif her other arm. Meh sister Lucy likes to sit in the front seat, but mostly in the back. 

Mama has been looking at those harness things that she said she would attach to the seat belt. So we are writing to ask how many of our readers use the harness to strap their fur kids into? My other sisters and brothers like to also travel in their kennels, especially Miss Lexi, she gets really upset if she can’t ride in hers. Mr. Paco, likes to ride in his kennel, its this soft black one, that he just jumps in and snuggles in his blanket and goes to sleep. Mama likes it because she can slide in the seat belt and snap it all together. 

Mama read this article by Cesar Milan, so we thought we would share it —> http://www.cesarsway.com/dog-travel/Should-Dogs-Wear-Seat-Belts

So be sure to tell us what your humans do so you can ride in the car wif them. 


Lots of Wiggle Bums and Kisses!




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