Paco our long term foster brother

Paco is my long term foster who has been here for about 2 months now. When he first came to us he was quite ill with tracheal bronchitis. We also learned he has a heart murmur and he had a growth near his groin that had to be removed. That’s a lot for a 10 year old chihuahua!! 

It took a bit to get him well, including have surgery to remove the growth. Initially we were told he had skin cancer 😦 . We then did an x-ray as we needed to know if Paco had any tumors or if anything had metastasized. 2 weeks ago we were told he didn’t have any tumors and his heart wasn’t enlarged! Yay! 

However, Paco hasn’t been doing well since yesterday, not sure if he is missing daddy, who has gone out town for about one month, or it is his age. Yesterday he stayed in his kennel all day. Growled if you go near him. This morning I opened his kennel and figured and hoped he would come out. He finally did, and hid under the bed! So I went and talked to him, he came out slowly, snuggled into my arms and I slowly took him outside.

He did his business and waited for me to pick him up. Wasn’t interested in eating. He is on my bed, on a pillow and a pillow case I put over him as he was shaking, and that is where he has stayed.

Being that he is a senior, it is hard to tell if he is feeling his age and wants to be left alone or if he is feeling the early stages of the kidney failure that was mentioned to us. 

ImageLast night



This morning :/


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