The dreaded “c” word. 

Sweet Paco as you may recall reading in my previous post, wasn’t feeling well. Earlier today he took a turn for the worse and it was decided that Mama and I (Blaze) would take him to the vet. 

Paco’s body had started to go rigid, his left front leg and back leg were not in sync with the other side. If he tried to walk it was very awkward and he would start to lean and fall. He started vomiting and he wouldn’t eat anything.

His cancer was too aggressive on his little chihuahua body and it was decided that he would be humanely put to sleep. Mama says she held him, kissed him, soothed him and loved him. She told him that she loved him and that our daddy loved him too. But more importantly we all thanked Paco for coming into our lives  

RIP Sweet Paco 

ImageMay he run free of pain and enjoy the space of green grass, fresh water and all other fur friends. 
 May 9, 2013 – Age about 10 years old





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