The Dark Side of Transporting

I’m a volunteer who has a passion to help those who can’t help themselves. My chosen passion is to rescue dogs from high kill shelters. I help various rescue organizations by meeting the transportation vehicle and bring up the various dogs that have been saved.

I’ve been doing this for over a year now and have seen and learned many things I had not expected when it comes to rescuing dogs.

I have seen some horrendous conditions that dogs in transport come in. I am annoyed when I see a dog sitting in a kennel covered in its own feces and urine. I really hate seeing the potty pad that was put in their kennel who knows when, shredded up in a cthe conditions in serious need of change and sterilization.

Then, I have worked with other transports whose conditions when dogs arrive are clean, freshly watered and fed dogs. The dogs are often calmer than the ones who have arrived in very poor conditions.

I’ve learned to bring water, blankets,dog treats and I have been known to bring some cooked chicken because I know there is a good chance these dogs have not been fed very much on their trip.

I’ve been told that some dogs vomit on the trip so water and food is restricted. My thoughts are, why not feed, water and change kennels at the rest stops? Maybe we need to put people in the position that some of these dogs have experienced, perhaps then they will know the feeling of being covered in feces and urine?!

I do this for the love of the animals, this does not ever seem like work to me. The rescue organizations I’ve been involved with have a common goal. That goal is to rescue as many dogs as possible from high kill shelters.

How can anyone say no to that.252361_458212834216033_2003401903_n



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