Catching Up!

Well the sun is setting here on the West Coast of Canada.  Mommy took us out for our after dinner walkies. We also have been going at the crack of birds singing, lol. Its nice to see the usual 2 bunnies every morning even if Blaze and Diego want to chase tgem, BOL!!

What’s new you may be wondering?

Well as many of you know its flea and tick season and mommy has been busy staying on top of that with our bedding, blankets, kennels, whew, but she is awesome at it!

Mommy has been helping more rescue organizations and meeting some amazing animals! Blaze goes on lots of travels with mommy, cuz he likes doing that and mommy and him have a special bond.

So tonight mommy took a picture of me (Jingles) with my brother Cinder. Its a rare chance that you would get us together, Bol!!


We all hope you leave space on your bed for the humans BOL! Mommy took this picture of all 7 of us on the bed and we left her NO room! *snickers*.


Woofy Wiggle Bums!!


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