Beauty within our free run days

Lately, for the last month or more, I have taken all 7 dogs, sometimes altogether, most times in packs of 3 or 4 at a given time. 

All have learned something on our walks, today it was seeing a blue heron fly from a pond that wasn’t expected. Other times it is the llama that is often behind a wired fence, safely keeping his distance, chewing his hay. 🙂

But mostly it has been about the horses. See where we go, it is incredibly peaceful, and occasionally there may be a rider on her horse, sharing the paths with us. At first Lucy, Diego, Belle were barky and unsure what this large majestic creature(s) were. After a few more times of going back to this same area, nestled off a main road, paths and a wooden bridge will take you to other paths, shaded on days like today, where the sun is warm. 

This is what we get to see often.



ImageBeing able to pick blackberries while my dogs wander nearby, rolling in the grass, or laying nearby, taking in the summer sun. Always near a bottle of water with me, and a jug of water at our car. The luxury so many never get to experience. 

Happy Summer! 

Wags and Wiggles!!



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