READ and share, please. Potentially STOLEN foster dog.

Marion Prison was a home-checked reliable animal-loving foster. Her house checked out and she checked out, nothing out of the ordinary was present. She went on to foster pups for us successfully, and then she took on Floyd.

Marion was always on top of communication and updates for her foster dog Floyd, and eventually she decided she would like to adopt him. And then one day, prior to adoption (she is still under foster contract and has paid no adoption fees) and after having communicated with her steadily for so long, Marion seemed to drop off the face of the earth.

Marion’s only phone number on file was disconnected, emails/texts/social networking messages went unanswered (though we have confirmation some have been read by her), and no one answered the door at her residence.

Marion appears to have potentially skipped town, and the whereabouts of Floyd the foster pup are at this time completely unknown to us. The police consider it a civil matter and therefor won’t get involved, and the courts can’t help until we locate her residence in order to serve paperwork. Even if we were able to serve papers, there is no guarantee she will show up in court.

We do not know the status of Floyd’s wellbeing, we don’t even know if she still has the dog. We need to find Marion Prison and/or Floyd as soon as we possibly can.

Thanks to a bit of networking, we received a tip that Marion may be living in Nanaimo.

Marion’s last known employment was with NTS Australia as a medical transcriptionist, meaning she works from home quite a bit.

Marion is active on her facebook account, has read messages sent to her, but refuses to respond.

If you know or have seen Marion, if you have seen Floyd, or if you have any tips of information leading to either, please contact LEASH Animal Welfare Society as soon as possible at




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