Coping when Fosters move on

Well we were given notice last week where we live, that we can no longer foster Toby, Bella, Diego and Lexi. Right away there was fear and panic. What would happen to our beloved additions who for the most part we have had for over a year. We took Lexi in about 6 months ago and nurtured her back to health, saw her through her bladder surgery and taught her many wonderful skills and showed all of our friends what it means to be loved unconditionally.


Lexi – Sept 2013

The other 3 – Toby, Bella and Diego are equally going to be missed. Rescuing Toby and Bella who are bonded, are very special as their arrival and subsequent challenges presented to them, caused them to have setbacks when they first started fostering with us. As time has gone on this past year, Toby has now started playing with Lucy and he can be found always with Bella not far from his side. We have now been able to brush him without it just being in the bathtub . This sweet boy has given us the joy of learning to trust us and he has the best kisses! I know I will miss him greatly!

ImageLucy and Toby snuggling Sept 2013


Sweet Bella loves her tummy scratches Sept 2013


Loveable Toby Sept 2013

Diego is a daddy’s boy. This vivacious, beautiful Rat Terrier has a personality all his own lol. He loves to do “downward dog” with his daddy and yes that is in fact a yoga move! He loves to snuggle, but as with all animals, he does have his moments. He is very alpha in personality, but it just makes him that much more loveable. Daddy is really going to miss his special boy.


Diego – Sept 2013 – resting

Fostering all of these babes has been a rewarding experience. Full of firsts and full of love. We wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. We are thankful for those that also rescue, foster, adopt and support every means possible to help those that can’t speak for themselves.


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