Mixed Feelings

In the last couple of weeks, Lexi and Diego have gone to new homes. :/

Lexi is adapting (just over one week now) and is showing some confidence issues, but she was like that with us as well at first. So I passed on our tips and I know she will adjust. Her diet will remain very close to what it was when she lived here with us.

Diego went to his new home yesterday morning. I’ve heard many positive things about him. His behavior, his adjustment, how he is such a good dog and that they are stunned at how well he is in general. I have told myself to take pride in him being the way he is because “WE” instilled those behaviors in him. When he came here, he was a shy, very timid boy. Now over a year later, he has lived with a pack, he has enjoyed being shown genuine love, he has enjoyed being on a sustainable diet that animals in the wide would have.

Today everything is very different :(. In a day or so, Diego will be introduced to kibble, something he hasn’t been on since he has been with us. The other thing is, we put him on a halter because he had been pulling and sometimes nipping at a person’s heels. The halter really helped with curbing that behavior. Today he went on a walk without his halter because the new home says they felt the halter encouraged pulling.

I as his original foster mom am having some major issues with these changes. I know being that he is with someone knew, there will be changes, but for me it is more than that. It means I have to find away to come to terms that Diego and Lexi are really gone.  We aren’t always going to know how they are doing, we won’t always get to see photos and updates.

We aren’t apart of their lives anymore and for that, I really have mixed feelings about that. Its like having a human child grow up and onto the next steps of their life.

But a grown child will visit from time to time; Diego and Lexi won’t be.



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