Ethics of Rescue Work

There are many volunteers and organizations all passionate about the well being of animals in need. There are so many in shelters here locally where I am and all over the world. As many know, I’ve rescued dogs from an organization I was doing transporting for.  I have loved every minute of their growth and now their transition to their next journey. Mr. D has been adopted! As much as it has been very sad for my husband to lose his little buddy, to know Diego is now making someone else as happy as he has us, is a great reward. He is now in a forever home, and will enjoy everything life has to offer.

Sadly though, there has been drama, and lots of it.

To realize over the last couple of weeks that the people and the organization you promoted, spoke proudly of, shared, is not at all who they say they are. Painful insight has revealed that there has been dumping of a dog to a shelter, which if you have had a dog surrendered to you, you never do that. You work with whatever needs to be done so that the animal in question has an equal opportunity to find his/her forever home.  It doesn’t matter if that means fostering the animal with a home qualified to help and handle the breed in question, to having it reviewed and assessed by an animal behaviorist. People who surrender animals to a rescue organization, do so with the hope that their beloved pet will be looked after and that the best possible home will be found, not to learn their dog has been listed on “Missing Pets” as being found and to call XXXXX!

There has been more information that has come forward and it is enough to make a person sick with shock and disgust.

For me as an animal advocate, I never mix any friendship with what I do. So when the organization’s primary person said to me that it was because we were friends, that things were done as they were (this is being referred to the dogs I had in my home, that is assumed there are contracts for, which there are none). Friendship of any kind, are never mixed in my life when it comes to my volunteer work or business work. For me, this is about ethics and value of what it is I do.

My goal is to help wherever I am needed. I don’t have the space to run a full boarding shelter, where I would have comfy bedding, many blankets, toys, food, doggy jackets, free running water and a very safe place to run freely. As I believe all animals should be able to run freely and feel the wind in their fur and face. Yet, feel safe and comfortable as they rest. I wouldn’t use plastic crated kennels, I would use the black wire kennels so they can all see one another and realize they aren’t alone.  I would also have a groomer and a veterinarian to make sure all in my care are clean and vetted.

That may sound like a dream home lol and I know it appears that way, but things like this take a lot of work and perhaps someday it will be a reality.

I do NOT advocate for dogs to be put into someone’s home, unlicensed, claim to be a boarding facility and be nothing more than a place to bring dogs to and then be upset at having so many in one place.

I have great news in that my other 2 dogs are now going to a place where they will be loved immensely.

I am very grateful for using my gut instincts in making sure I put their needs first as that is what is most important.

Remember, when choosing a rescue to help you rehome your pet, please do your homework! Ask other rescues, ask people if they have heard of them. Check with the veterinarian they are using, can they give a good reference?

It pays to do your homework. Ethics are everything and the animals depend on us to speak for them.





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