Lookie at Meh!!

So mommy has been saying how good I look (mind you I already know this tehehe). So she took a photo of me last night and we thought we would do a before and after photo :).


This me at my highest, August 2012

34.5 pounds!

ImageHere I am Sunday Oct 20, 2013

23.5 pounds

Mommy said she has done a lot of work with me. She learned about measuring my portions based on my true weight and size and we have stuck to it. Mommy also makes my treats so no nasty chemicals from packaged treats.  I also have a raw diet mostly because I am allergic to lots of ingredients in most dry food products. Plus, mommy was worried about all those recalls on dog food.

So that’s my secret and I just wanted to share that although I am close to where I need to be, (mommy says I have about 3-5 pounds to go), it is possible with work and determination.

Happy Wiggle Bums!!







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