How to help ZEUS

We’ve been hard at work for ZEUS, we know all of our followers are animal lovers too. We have more information to share with you all and we hope you will consider helping ZEUS.

Safe At Last Dog Rescue Society is an animal rescue organization in the Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada area that has been serving the needs of animals at risk since 2010. Our operation relies on the kind hearts of our volunteers and donations made by the general public.

Recently our organization took on a 2 year old Lab named Zeus. Zeus is in desperate need of some serious surgeries and medication for hip dysplasia to give him back a quality life without pain. Zeus is one of the rare cases where the costs of his needs put a great strain on our available finances. We are reaching out to our local community to ask for their help to give Zeus back the life he so desperately deserves.

You can help us by providing a donation to either our organization or directly to MENZIES PET HOSPITAL 604-792-3399. ZEUS’ veterinarian is Dr. Mann. If you are donating directly to the vet office, please leave a contact card so we are able to contact you privately. In addition to your donation receipt we would like permission from your organization to publicly thank you either on our Face Book Page or in the local news paper.


The above X-rays are of ZEUS’s Hips and legs.

Here are some new photos of ZEUS from our visit with him yesterday


This is Sharon, Fundraising Co-ordinator with Safe at Last Dog Rescue Society


This is Marion of Safe at Last Dog Rescue with ZEUS. 

Please donate to Zeus so he can have his surgery. ZEUS so he will never have to feel pain again!!

ZEUS is worth spending even just  $5. He loves to give lots of kisses, he’s affectionate, sweet, and forgiving.

We guarantee that It will be the best 5 bucks you have ever spent.

Lots of Wiggle Bums and Kisses!!



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