PuppyMills and Greed! Make it stop!


“My name is 109. I have lived in a puppy mill for 6 1/2 years. I have had 11 litters of puppies and made my owner over $30,000.00. to show his gratitude, he has never bathed or brushed me….he has never placed a kind hand on me. I have never seen a vet or felt grass under my feet. The only time I am out of my 2×3 crate is when i am bred by force. I get a little more food and a cleaner pen when i have my babies. I am happy for awhile but by 4 weeks they take my pups away to sell them online and at pet stores and I am alone again back in my crate. The wire floor in my crate has caused me to have permanent deep painful groves in my pads. My nails are so long I can’t walk on a hard surface. Today, we were rescued….I am so scared, but I experienced something I have never heard before…..a soft gentle voice.”

Make a difference, click on the link http://www.prisonersofgreed.org/.

She is just one of many who are victims of animal abuse every single day! Dogs are locked in small kennels, sometimes given no food, no comfort from the outdoor elements, freezing in winter conditions, sweating in the summer months. Something HAS to change! Please click on the link above and there is a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/CT-Coalition-Against-Puppy-Mills/256732464402917 and for our Canadian Friends you can go to http://cfhs.ca/athome/puppy_mills/

ImageDon’t let another animal go through these conditions!


2 thoughts on “PuppyMills and Greed! Make it stop!

  1. I came from a puppy mill too, and it is terrible! That is why I wrote my book about my story so I can raise awareness and money to help others like me! Wuv and nose kissies to youwooowoooo!

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