Ella’s follow up Appointment – Praying for Answers

This afternoon, very soon actually, Ella and I (mom) will be going back to the clinic to see how she is doing. Today she has been really clingy and when not doing that, she can be found sleeping somewhere quiet. She still isn’t eating her `1/4 can per meal x3 a day. She is eating barely 1/8th, yesterday we had to force feed her and hold her mouth to get more calories into her. We did catch her eating dry food last night and will upload a photo shortly.

Ella’s costs are reaching close to $1,000.00. A very good friend who does rescue work for cats, discussed with me about doing a fundraiser and below is the information for that fundraiser. We want to thank everyone for the kind and loving gestures and contributions in helping to keep Ella’s veterinary bill up to date. We aren’t sure how long this will go on for her, but we plan on, as we have been all along, in keeping everyone updated on her Facebook page and on her GoFund page.


We are running a fundraiser to help with Ella’s rising veterinary bill. We are heading back shortly for her follow up blood draw and recheck. Everything about Ella can be found on her FB page https://www.facebook.com/pages/All-things-Princess-Ella-A-cats-life/180768685448702

There is an event page called $1 Challenge for Ella https://www.facebook.com/events/361518303993938/ where all you need do is donate just $1.00 and ask 2 friends to do the same.


Thank you to everyone who has helped so much with this. I am very very grateful for such a loving and caring community. Thank you ~ Image



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