Mum here, I wanted to write a blog today (give Blaze and crew break) on something that is near and dear to me.

It is about the senseless behavior of others, who do things in spite.

A few years ago I had rescued a pup named Rusty. Rusty was your Heinz 57 jack of all breeds dog. One blue and one brown eye and a head when he cocked it to the side, gave you that silly looking grin :).

After my ex common law spouse and I split, I couldn’t take Rusty with me, nor Blaze or Rizzo. So they lived with him on the farm with his mistress.  I came to learn that Rusty didn’t like “A” and my ex asked me what I wanted to do with Rusty. I remember saying we could put him in boarding til I could get living arrangements settled. He said that was fine and that Rusty could stay there on the farm; he was heading out of town for work. Something not unusual in small towns.

Winter comes and goes, Rusty is on the farm and I receive a call from my ex mentioning to me that Rusty had been given to the home of a man and woman whose German Shepherd had passed away. I wasn’t happy, but I felt he was in a good place… or so I thought.

About 3 months later “A” contacts me and asks if I have been told the truth about Rusty? I told her what I had been told and she told me that it is a lie, that he is not at anyone’s home. He is dead. She killed him. I asked her why I was never contacted about him? She said that one day she came home from work and he had gotten into some towels or clohing and she snapped.

Graphic Content

She told me she tied him to the barn door and shot him! One shot. I bawled in disbelief! I asked her where he is so I could take what is left of his remains and she said that he was put in a garbage bag and to the best of my knowledge he was thrown in a dug out where other garbage was and if not there, then he was burned in the incinerator on the property.

I went to pull up his photo but for whatever reason I am not able to locate it. But when I do, I will be sure to upload it.

You may be wondering why I am writing this. Quite simply because I find myself in another situation, that has charged this flashback.

My babies Toby and Bella, who had to be returned to the rescue that I adopted them from, I’ve come to learn that Toby has been “adopted” yet there is no information on Bella whatsoever. I’ve emailed the rescue more than once, I messaged on their Facebook page and both comments were removed and now I am no longer able to comment on their wall.

You have no idea how much it hurts to not want to think the worst and yet one’s gut tells you different. Bella was 6 years old, full of good health, up to date on her shots, loved to wear little shirts because her fur was thinning (something that some Chi’s, She is Toby’s bonded partner.

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