Oh Miss Lucy


It seems our stinker belle Lucy has decided that all sorts of household items for her to get into to!

First up Bird Suet! Oh yes she and her brother Blaze eat that while mommy was out and for 3 days there was poop evidence!

Second, a stuffed toy! Seems she desires to rip any toy til she can get to the stuffing. Mommy is going to look into sewing them up so they can still be used by Blaze and Tika.

Thirdly? well the joy of joy’s… waking up in the middle of the night to catching Lucy in a 10lb of flour!


similar to this photo

So tell me, do any of YOU have a dog who gets into mischief like Lucy?


3 thoughts on “Oh Miss Lucy

  1. Yes, I do have a dog named Peanut, but he as not gotten into anything “fun” in his eyes. His attention is mostly toward the cat. The two of them play often by chasing each other…yes, the cat chased the dog…

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