Tika Won’t Smile

Yesterday was a super busy day for mom, so she wasn’t able to update how Tika is doing. Tika is a fighter in every sense of the word, her hip doesn’t stop her (she had surgery years ago), and she does like the snow, its just seeing her lack of interest in eating and having to bribe her to do so. 

My recent post about Tika which you can read about here https://ramblingpets.wordpress.com/2014/02/26/determined-for-tika/ has been shared by a few and we are so grateful for the work that others have done to help us. Just think for every dollar donated how quickly we could have her scheduled for her surgery and recovering?

We would like to thank Jeanne Melansom whose literally gone out of her way to help share and promote Tika’s cause. Please check out her website she writes amazing stuff! http://www.jeannemelanson.com/fundraising-for-a-senior-dog-named-tika

We are over $100 now towards Tika’s cause and its a great start, but we know if we all band together, we can make this happen for Tika.

ImageTika licked mommy this morning as if to say “thank you mommy”

ImageTika wouldn’t let mommy remove her hand *beams*

If you wish to donate to Tika’s cause please visit her page here https://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-tika-eat-without-pain/143569. 

Would you like Tika to personally email you and let you know how she is getting on? With a personal photograph? Then donate just $25 for this wonderful girl to come to an inbox near you.
If you donate $100 Tika will give you a personal thank you on her mom’s Instagram page or recently set up Twitter. If there is enough interest we will set up her own Instagram because she knows just how much you have helped her to eat without pain again and really appreciates it.



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