Answering YOUR Questions about Tika

For those that have asked, 2nd opinion inquiries have been done. Some as far as 45 minutes to an hour away. Thank you for your suggestions and tips to help Tika. In the meantime we still need to continue our fundraising to help her get her dental surgery. So I ask of you to donate and if you can’t please share, I’m not giving up on her.

To make a donation or share her link please click http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-tika-eat-without-pain/143569




A Monday Glitch

Seems Monday morning brings us a couple of glitches. BUT We have fixed the link and Tika’s fundraising page is back up and running! We will keep looking into why the photo of her isn’t showing up with her link. Please share and ask if every person donated $1.00 how quickly we could raise funds for Tika. Thank you!




Tika Won’t Smile

Yesterday was a super busy day for mom, so she wasn’t able to update how Tika is doing. Tika is a fighter in every sense of the word, her hip doesn’t stop her (she had surgery years ago), and she does like the snow, its just seeing her lack of interest in eating and having to bribe her to do so. 

My recent post about Tika which you can read about here https://ramblingpets.wordpress.com/2014/02/26/determined-for-tika/ has been shared by a few and we are so grateful for the work that others have done to help us. Just think for every dollar donated how quickly we could have her scheduled for her surgery and recovering?

We would like to thank Jeanne Melansom whose literally gone out of her way to help share and promote Tika’s cause. Please check out her website she writes amazing stuff! http://www.jeannemelanson.com/fundraising-for-a-senior-dog-named-tika

We are over $100 now towards Tika’s cause and its a great start, but we know if we all band together, we can make this happen for Tika.

ImageTika licked mommy this morning as if to say “thank you mommy”

ImageTika wouldn’t let mommy remove her hand *beams*

If you wish to donate to Tika’s cause please visit her page here https://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-tika-eat-without-pain/143569. 

Would you like Tika to personally email you and let you know how she is getting on? With a personal photograph? Then donate just $25 for this wonderful girl to come to an inbox near you.
If you donate $100 Tika will give you a personal thank you on her mom’s Instagram page or recently set up Twitter. If there is enough interest we will set up her own Instagram because she knows just how much you have helped her to eat without pain again and really appreciates it.



Determined for Tika

I’m not sure what it will take to show people that Tika, an 11 year old Jack Russell Terrier x Chihuahua, with eyes and snow white fur that make me see a beautiful seal pup :), really needs help. Our last fundraiser didn’t raise much, but because she is who she is, I won’t let her down.

I have done some researching on ways to run a better fundraiser campaign and to be honest I can’t let her down. I advocate for animal welfare, how could I not do the same for her?

ImageMiss Tika

Tika’s fundraising page https://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-tika-eat-without-pain/143569


ImageImageTika’s Teeth 1 and 2 photos

Thank you all so much for your support! xo


Fundraising For a Senior Named Tika

ImageTika is an 11 year old Jack Russell Terrier x Chihuahua who originally started out on the streets of California. She has had a rough life that found her way to a loving home for several years until her owner could no longer keep her.

In September 2013 Tika’s physical revealed poor dental that at some point would need attending to. Here is Tika’s fundraising page http://igg.me/p/679340/x/5566332  I am on Disability and I do not have the funds for the surgery she needs. I know people often say don’t have a pet if you can’t pay for it. But I do help in the Rescue Community and Volunteer often. Tika has become a vital part of my family and we have learned that her previous owner has passed on. I made a promise to her that Tika’s well being would always be taken care of.

  • Tika needs about $1,200 to cover the high side of her surgery costs. It is expected she will have more than one extraction. Being a senior dog, she may take longer in recovery.
  • If the her goal is not reached, what portion is reached will go towards her bill.

Giving Tika this surgery will help her to be free of pain and discomfort . Your donations will make a substantial difference to her quality of life.

  • Our fundraising is valuable as I want to share how seniors are valuable members of our society, regardless of how they come to be in your care. Rescue, Adoption and Donating is so very important.  
  • Tika’s fur friend had a similar fundraiser with wonderful success. http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/let…

If you can’t contribute, all I ask is you

  • share Tika’s campaign and keep on sharing!

We thank each and every one of you for your support and donations!



Time away

As many of you know, I (mom) had been doing transport on a regular basis. I have so enjoyed helping and bringing dogs to a better life. However, there has been A LOT of drama within a couple of rescues I have done transporting for and with that, always comes unrest.

I wish there was a way for me to help those precious animals, but without a place to go, it isn’t realistic for one person to transport an animal with no where to go. As it is I sacrificed my home and almost lost it in the process!

So I will find topics to write about, sometimes they will be about rescue and transporting, but they may also be about something positive happening in the rescue community.




Afraid to Forgive

Today I had a very intense therapy session. It was good on many levels, we spoke of quite a few things one of them being about me being able to forgive myself. Now before anyone starts to wonder why on earth I would forgive myself as I haven’t done anything wrong; that is what society has taught us and I am starting to learn the importance of forgiving ourselves.

“If we forgave them, we believe we would b e betraying ourselves and negotiating or minimizing the impact of pain they caused us. Obviously, when seen in this light, forgiveness is unlikely to top the list of priorities in our lives”

The above describes how I have lived my life; to realize I don’t want this and to accept the path to freedom from the pain within means I will learn to live with acceptance that things are what they are; that no matter what or who was there for me growing up, forgiving myself of the pain and fear I feel inside, will allow me to embrace a path of peace.

However, to start to heal within, the fear of opening up Pandora’s Box will send me plunging into an emotional abyss, force me to relive unpleasant experiences and admit how badly I was hurt again. This reason one way or another, quite possibly means I am afraid to forgive, and honestly as I said to my therapist, I am.

We explored this realization a bit.

My life has been mostly of hurt, anger, frustration, drama, emotional tug of wars, and so the layers are convoluted and the history is deep. My fear of forgiving me, would mean that I would have nothing to hold on to. As bizarre as that sounds, the drama, the weeds upon vines holding my legs and wrapping themselves around me, are what have been keeping me where I have been for a very long time. Its familiar, its painful, but more importantly, its what I know. 

As I said in therapy, the revelations I have from time to time, I visualize tearing the vine and tossing to the left where the other levels have been removed; a path that much more developed, but there are more vines, and more weeds.  I’m sure there will be more illusions, that will be worked through as they come up.

  • The illusion that if this hadn’t happened, you’d have a “perfect” life. Not forgiving provides an invaluable explanation or excuse for anything and everything that is wrong with you and your life.
  • The illusion of being good. Not forgiving helps you define who you are. You are the victim of some injury or injustice. Although this may make you feel less loveable and capable than non victims, you are comforted nonetheless by the fact that you are one of the good guys – since the people who hurt you are obviously the bad guys. Once you forgive the world can never be defined in such black and white terms.
  • The illusion of power. Not forgiving helps you compensate for the powerlessness you felt when you were hurt.
  • The illusion that you won’t be hurt again.By keeping the pain alive and your guard up, you reduce the risk of ever again being rejected, deceived, abused, betrayed or otherwise injured.

I have thought and felt all of these.

I want to learn how to let go of the pain and make peace with the past. I want to live my life in a complete fulfilling manner. This is going to take work. I know there are pieces that are really going to be hard to find forgiveness with. But, I’m grateful for my therapist, and my support groups that will help pick me up when I stumble.

What I do know is this:

  1. I don’t want to hold grudges and harbor bitter or resentful feelings towards my parents or siblings – refusing to speak to them or having strained relationships with them at best. 
  2. I want treat people differently from the way I was treated as a child but finding myself hitting, screaming, nagging or doing and saying many of the same things my parents did or said to me.
  3. The emptiness I have felt inside, filling the emptiness with overeating, transporting and shopping when exhausted.
  4. The walls I have built around me to keep people from getting close enough to hurt me, only to discover that I am trapped behind those very walls, feeling lonely, isolated and alienated.
  5. I want to be able to feel whole. I may not know quite what it is.