Picking up Saved Dogs Today :)

Today is one of my favorite things to do; I go and pick up saved dogs from high kill shelters and transport them to the organization who has screened homes waiting for them!

As much as it can be frustrating, as it is today, due to mechanical issues with the van and weather (fog) this morning, all of which push back the arrival time, I know I will always feel the same feeling of happiness when I see them.

Rescue organizations are always looking for people who are wanting to foster animals to a suitable home can be found; if that is you, give a call to your one closest to you!

So, yes, as much as I want to watch the Super Bowl with my husband, we are going to record it and watch it together.



Let It Go

I don’t read much of Cesar Millan’s stuff these days; but every now and again when something comes along that is of use, I like to pass it along.

I do transport for the rescue of dogs (primarily). I have 2 foster failures which is not unheard of in this field lol.

If you are wanting to foster but are unsure how to go about it, Cesar’s article will help you.

Fostering is a wonderful thing that saves dogs’ lives. It gets them out of shelters and into human packs, where they can receive the rehabilitation necessary to make them adoptable.

However, fostering comes not only with the responsibility of caring for the dog, but the necessity of eventually giving up the dog when it finds its forever home. Attachment can make this process difficult. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make the process easier.

  1. Start before you even foster
    When selecting a foster dog, don’t pick the one that you think is the cutest and ideal for your family. Pick the dog that you wouldn’t necessarily want to keep long-term. For example, if you don’t like tiny dogs, consider a Chihuahua or Yorkie. If you don’t think you’d have the resources to care for a handicapped dog for life, then find that dog who’s blind or deaf, or is missing a limb.

    This will make it easier for you to adjust to the temporary status of the foster dog, but it will also be an educational process. As Cesar says, “You don’t always get the dog you want. You get the dog you need.” If nothing else, it will allow you to experience types of dogs you would never normally adopt, and to learn even more about dog behavior.

  2. Assist in the adoption process
    Find out whether your foster program will let you help out in finding that forever home. This can range from documenting your dog’s behavior and personality for future owners to locating and interviewing potential owners themselves.

    This will help you be more confident in letting go because you’ll have a stake in the process, and you can assure yourself that you’ve found the right home for your foster.

  3. Ask for progress reports from the new family
    You can continue to take part in your foster dog’s life with photos and stories from her new family, and the Internet makes distance irrelevant. Many shelters ask this of people who adopt dogs from them, largely as a way to keep their staff positive about seeing dogs they’ve gotten to know be adopted.

    If distance permits, you could even consider having regular playdates with your current foster (and permanent pack) and adopted past fosters, as long as the new owners are agreeable.

  4. Celebrate the adoption
    Don’t think of giving up your foster to adoption as losing a dog. Think of it as a dog gaining a permanent home. It should be a cause for celebration because you have helped to save a life. Treat yourself and the dog to a fancy meal, go out to your favorite dog park, or invite friends and their dogs over for a party…

    However you choose to celebrate, focus on the positive and make the adoption a source of good memories. Document your time with each foster with photos and stories and keep a scrapbook of your successes.

  5. Foster again
    The best part about fostering dogs is that there will always be dogs to foster, and the best way to celebrate one dog leaving your life is to save the life of another. And another. With each foster that you help place in a loving home, it becomes easier to say good-bye. With each new foster, you have another chance to get to know a new dog and help him on the way to his forever home.

During the process, always keep in mind what fostering is. As Amy Romanofsky at FosterDogs.com puts it, “I never think of a foster dog as ‘mine.’ Each dog already belongs to someone else — it just so happens that I haven’t met that person yet.”

But, when you and your foster dog do meet that person, take comfort in knowing that you had a large part in making it happen, and preventing the unthinkable alternative.

Never fostered a dog before? You’re really missing out! See here the top seven reasons to foster a dog.



A Day of Firsts!

Yesterday Lexi went to the doggie park and played with other pug doggies! She ran, barked, chased, rolled around on fresh grass and met new people! So happy for her! Try to imagine your pet, who has the opportunity to go outside for more than just to pee or poo? Would you ever not provide time to play catch or to go for a walk? For 5 1/2 years, Lexi has never known what it is like to be around other dogs. To be able to just play and not be scared and yet, this lil girl is so friendly! We can’t imagine never going to da doggie park! Woof Hoo Lexi!!

Please help us raise funds so Lexi can have her bladder surgery and continue going to the park and meeting other fur friends!

Thank you!

To donate and share her page please go to: https://www.youcaring.com/lexi




Honor and Integrity

Momma here and I have something to say! 

We recognize you all out there in bloggerverse are passionate about your causes as we are. However, when you take on to adopt an animal, sign the adoption contract, your money should be good and you stand behind it. 

We are very disappointed in the people who have taken on one of our dogs, sign the paperwork only to have your cheques bounce! What makes you different from anyone else? In my eyes, it is stealing and/or hoping that people forget you have one of our dogs and that you get it for free! 

Do you realize the work involved to rescue these dogs from high kill shelters? Do you realize how much coordinating is involved in meeting deadlines and timelines so all these animals are saved? 

Perhaps you need to become involved in transport, meet the many dogs coming across who are very dirty, sometimes needing so much love and attention, that you are covered in feces sometimes, but for us, the moment we reach those animals, none of that matters to us. When you take on a rescue, you take on all of the requirements. 

Please be real and honor your financial obligations to your dog! Otherwise we will be left with no choice but to take the dog back! 

Thank you! 


Busy Days wif Rescuing!

Image Whew! We have been so busy the whole month of April! We were either picking up our newly rescued furbrofers and fursistas, or we were at adoption events! 

We can happily report that there are adoptions in the works of at LEAST 3 dogs and we do have 1 of our furbrofer’s who is going to be fostered! We are so berry happy for all of them! How can we not be! To not be in boarding, to be in a home, being lubbed and kissed eberyday!

Momma picked up 2 fur pals who were surrendered today. Their momma was berry sad, but it was one of those things where it was better for them to go to a home wif humans who can spend lots of time wif them. We do have one of the two has a problem wif peeing and blood comes out too :(. Tomorrow 3 of our foster furiends are going to da vet to get check ups and medicines. 

We can’t wait to share more of these pawsome adoptions wif you!! 

Happy Monday!! 



Rescue Day!!!

Happy Saturday!!! Glorious Saturday!! 

Blaze here and I just wanna say the sunshine is out, fresh grass is everywhere, Easter bunnies (they have special presents for us pooches) hopping around, leaving presents and maybe four leaf clovers!! 

So today, momma and daddy are going to do a special pick up! 2 dogs named Coco and Romeo are coming up from California and we will have a sleepover wif them!! Woop Woop!! 

We have a great team from YESICAN Transport who are so wonderful! They have kept momma in da loop wif how Coco and Romeo are doing this whole trip. Plus the nice truck driver named Jeff stops and walks them, feeds them, cleans their kennels, such a precious gift he is doing, Fank you Mr. Jeff!!!




The Love of Adopting and Fostering

Hi, Momma here. Today I thought I would do a blog to thank the 328 followers we have on our Facebook Page Wags and Wiggles https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wags-and-Wiggles. It is our goal to spread the word to as many animal lovers out there, that adopting an animal in need of a loving, caring home helps not just the person looking for that loving pet, it also helps rescue organizations save as many dogs from being euthanized every day!!!

Shelters need support to. You can help by volunteering, promoting, donating food, bedding, toys, and if you want to donate money, there are specific ways to do so. Volunteering allows you to go in and spend time with all the animals wanting walks and love. To cuddles and snuggles. I’ve volunteered at a shelter and see the love a dog has for anyone who is wanting to take them for a walk, spend some much needed time with them is so rewarding it can make your heart sing.

We also promote food and treat recalls. I think this goes without saying as to the reasons why. I feed raw to my pack, and will from time to time share tips and tricks that have worked well for my dogs and cats.

I know that it takes a lot of work for people who have pages on Facebook. We all have a common goal and that is to educate and share as much love as we possibly can.

I know that I don’t work my page everyday as some do. I get stuck on what to share because so many of us share identical bits of information and not to mention  if you share too much, Facebook sends you warnings and I know some pages have been temporarily blocked for days!

We welcome your tips and suggestions on ways to increase our “likes” on our Facebook page, as we also welcome your successes on what you all have done to promote and educate the value in adopting and not shopping. To not supporting puppy mills, to the value in spaying and neutering

So thank you so much to those that have already liked us and shared us! Without you, we would be able to get the word out!!

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