Animal Abuse

Recently Mama has been working on a fundraising event for our foster Lexi the pug. Mama says things have been going well and it wasn’t until Mama received Lexi’s x-rays yesterday, that the reality of just how large her stones are in her bladder really became real. 

Here is a copy of the message we put up on our furpage Wags and Wiggles.

“This is our furiend Miss Lexi’s x-rays that mama just received. These are the stones that are in Lexi’s bladder! Look at them, they are huge! 

Please help us attain our goal and get her the much needed surgery she needs!! 


I just received my foster, Lexi’s, x-rays of her bladder stones. I am attaching them so people can see what animal abuse looks like, as well as realize that our fundraising is real and we appreciate every one of you who has ever shared or donated to her surgery. For those that weren’t sure and now want to donate and share her fundraising page Image


Wow! What an amazing few days it has been here at our house!

We hab 2 new furiends staying wif us. Momma has said that Lexi and Tika will be wif us for a while.

Some people’s were berry mean to Lexi and she needs to hab surgery to help her get better. So momma set up a fundraising page in her honor! How cool is that! She said it is berry important to be honest, to show people who Lexi is, what she needs to have done to feel better and we are eben including the veterinary’s office as well.

Momma says we need to give out a PAWSOME fank you to Rita the Naked Pit Bull she  will donate 1 pawographed 4×6 to anyone who donates $5 or more! LUBS yall & sharing is PAWESOME too! ♥

and to Auntie Helene of  Crochet Slippers by Helene who “will donate a pair of slippers (your choice of color) to anyone who donates $50.00 or more to help out Lexi. Thank you”

for their extra special support in helping our cause.

We also want to give a shout out to Dr. Sharma of http://www.ladnervet.ca/ and his staff, as they will be doing Lexi’s surgery!! They are very caring and supportive of our rescuing efforts and help take care of the dogs that come in from our transports. *waves* fank you Dr. Sharma, we lub you!!

To donate towards Lexi’s surgery please go to https://www.youcaring.com/lexi

Thank you so much!!

ImageLoving my new life with Tika

ImageMiss Lexi’s teeth 😦




The Dangers of Craigslist

I was reading another blog about the dangers of Craigslist and how people will post about giving their pet away for free. Every time I see this, I shudder. It really scares me to see an animal being given away. I realize that the owner just wants the animal to have a better chance to have a happy home, but unfortunately “free” pets is a predators signal. 

I’m sure you have read my previous blogs on individuals who have been in the news surrounding animal neglect and abuse.  If you aren’t familiar, please take a read of the following: