An Update on my baby girl Ella

This is my 2 year old Birman cat named Ella. Ella is a beautiful spirit, kind, loving and chatty (oh and let’s not forget a princess lol) Ella has been very sick and in the hospital since Wednesday Night due to a very bad infection, that is suspected to be kidney infection. I’ve been to see her a few times now and she is showing improvement with the re-hydration however Ella still needs everyone’s help. She is still not eating for them. Until she does, and until her lab work for her lymphocytes comes back, she is not able to come home.

I am reaching out to my friends, family and most importantly my community. I can’t do this alone, my baby, who I consider my own child, needs help. I am humbled by the support given thus far, and I truly appreciate all the shares that everyone has done. But I need donations, those funds will all go towards Ella and her care.

I have spoken to @Langley Animal Clinic and unfortunately you can’t donate to them over the phone, you have to go into their office with 3 pieces of information only I can give you. IF you are local and want to walk into their location to give a donation, please PM and I will give you those 3 pieces of information. You will only get a receipt if you pay by debit or credit, however, if you pay by cash, they aren’t able to provide you a receipt as it is under my name. I would be more than happy to scan and privately email you your copy of the invoice to reflect your payment.

I will continue with updates and photos so everyone can see how she is doing. Thank you for sharing, caring and donating ~