Winter and Rock Salt

GreenWelcomeWe have been remiss in not keeping our animal blog up to date. As expected we know we have lost blog readers; but that’s ok, we will work on earning them back. To start, here is our post on the dangers of Rock Salt and our pets.

Each year many thousands of cats and dogs die or are made severely ill from the toxic effects of rock salt.

Local municipalities frequently use rock salt after heavy snow with sand or grit to improve traction. Householders may use it to help melt ice and snow on paths and make it easier to spade or sweep away.

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Rock salt is very poisonous to cats and dogs. Unfortunately, they can easily ingest it when they lick their fur after being outdoors. The result can be fatal. According to the RSPCA:

It is difficult to say how much needs to be eaten for signs of toxicity to be seen. Even a small amount of pure salt can be very dangerous to pets. Ingestion can result in a high blood sodium concentration which can cause thirst, vomiting and lethargy, and in severe cases there is a risk of convulsions and kidney damage.

Most cases involve animals that have walked through gritted snow and then lick or chew it off their paws as they can find it irritating. It is therefore important to thoroughly wipe your pet’s feet and the fur on his/her legs and tummy after a walk or time outside. If he/she is showing any signs of discomfort after possible exposure to rock salt, use a mild, pet-safe shampoo and warm water to wash the affected areas, and dry your pet’s fur completely with a towel after washing.

Any animal suspected of ingestion of rock salt must be assessed by a vet immediately. This is important as signs can be non-specific and a blood test will be required to check the blood sodium concentration. Immediate veterinary treatment will be needed to rehydrate the animal and stabilise their sodium levels. The exact treatment will depend on the blood sodium concentration and the animal’s clinical condition. Owners should never attempt to induce vomiting; only a vet should do this.

If you suspect your cat has ingested rock salt do not wait to see the symptoms develop, but seek veterinary advice without delay. Again this emphasizes the importance of keeping cats indoors during severe weather whenever this is practical.

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Mum here, I wanted to write a blog today (give Blaze and crew break) on something that is near and dear to me.

It is about the senseless behavior of others, who do things in spite.

A few years ago I had rescued a pup named Rusty. Rusty was your Heinz 57 jack of all breeds dog. One blue and one brown eye and a head when he cocked it to the side, gave you that silly looking grin :).

After my ex common law spouse and I split, I couldn’t take Rusty with me, nor Blaze or Rizzo. So they lived with him on the farm with his mistress.  I came to learn that Rusty didn’t like “A” and my ex asked me what I wanted to do with Rusty. I remember saying we could put him in boarding til I could get living arrangements settled. He said that was fine and that Rusty could stay there on the farm; he was heading out of town for work. Something not unusual in small towns.

Winter comes and goes, Rusty is on the farm and I receive a call from my ex mentioning to me that Rusty had been given to the home of a man and woman whose German Shepherd had passed away. I wasn’t happy, but I felt he was in a good place… or so I thought.

About 3 months later “A” contacts me and asks if I have been told the truth about Rusty? I told her what I had been told and she told me that it is a lie, that he is not at anyone’s home. He is dead. She killed him. I asked her why I was never contacted about him? She said that one day she came home from work and he had gotten into some towels or clohing and she snapped.

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She told me she tied him to the barn door and shot him! One shot. I bawled in disbelief! I asked her where he is so I could take what is left of his remains and she said that he was put in a garbage bag and to the best of my knowledge he was thrown in a dug out where other garbage was and if not there, then he was burned in the incinerator on the property.

I went to pull up his photo but for whatever reason I am not able to locate it. But when I do, I will be sure to upload it.

You may be wondering why I am writing this. Quite simply because I find myself in another situation, that has charged this flashback.

My babies Toby and Bella, who had to be returned to the rescue that I adopted them from, I’ve come to learn that Toby has been “adopted” yet there is no information on Bella whatsoever. I’ve emailed the rescue more than once, I messaged on their Facebook page and both comments were removed and now I am no longer able to comment on their wall.

You have no idea how much it hurts to not want to think the worst and yet one’s gut tells you different. Bella was 6 years old, full of good health, up to date on her shots, loved to wear little shirts because her fur was thinning (something that some Chi’s, She is Toby’s bonded partner.

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Cruelty Charges Laid in Captain, the German Shephard’s death

Excellent! We have been waiting for this day! A day that no animal should ever have to go through, but unfortunately it does and we wish we could stop it!



VANCOUVER – Almost five months after Captain the German shepherd was found in a Vancouver dumpster, bloodied, bruised and crying in pain, the dog’s alleged owner has been charged with animal cruelty, says the SPCA.

Brian Whitlock, 26, is scheduled to appear in Vancouver provincial court Dec. 7 on the Criminal Code charge of causing unnecessary pain or suffering to an animal, said Lorie Chortyk, a spokeswoman for the British Columbia SPCA.

The dog died July 19, one day after being admitted to care, suffering from lacerations and massive bruising to its head and body.

Captain’s death prompted protests and even a vigil against animal cruelty at an off-leash dog beach in Vancouver.

Chortyk said they received emails and telephone messages from thousands of people across North America who were outraged over the brutal attack.

“I think we were just very, very relieved and pleased that the charges were finally approved,” said Chortyk. “This is a very serious case, and we just really hope that the courts do take it as seriously as we do.”

Chortyk said an SPCA constable was called to Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood July 18 after residents, hearing cries escaping from the dumpster, found Captain wrapped in a bloody blanket.

She said the SPCA rushed the barely conscious Captain to emergency veterinary help, and the dog received around-the-clock care.

“His injuries were just too serious and he died of cardiac arrest,” said Chortyk, noting followup tests showed Captain also suffered from neurological and spinal damage and would it have become a quadriplegic.

Chortyk said Whitlock owned Captain.

Information on the case was forwarded to Crown prosecutors not long after Captain’s death, said Chortyk, and the SPCA made its final additions to the case Oct. 11.

She said as a puppy Captain was being trained as a police dog but washed out of the program because he was just too gentle and lacked the necessary aggression.

She said Captain was moved to a private home and then ended up with Whitlock.

His final resting place is the same SPCA cemetery in Penticton, B.C., that holds the remains of 56 sled dogs that were slaughtered after the 2010 Winter Olympics.

If convicted, Whitlock could face five years in jail, a $75,000 fine and a lifetime ban on owning or having custody of an animal.

Chortyk said the BC SPCA investigates 7,000 cases of animal cruelty every year.

“Unfortunately, we see cases like this all the time,” she said. “To us it’s just so sad when we see animals that are victims of violence and abuse, and situations that really should never happen to a vulnerable animal.”


Hi this is Mama, I’m taking time this Sunday morning to report on a story that as a foster mom and rescue advocate, needs to get out there!

“… a woman from New Brunswick against whom the Crown is expected to issue charges for the deaths of two dogs and a rabbit as well as the abuse of a dehydrated and starved cat who were in her care — at least until she went on vacation out of the country. Seems that maybe her vacation meant more to her than her responsibilities as a pet owner.

I have attached a news article from Friday’s paper about a woman who left New Brunswick to avoid being charged with animal abuse. She was living in Harvey Station, I believe it’s just outside of Fredericton.

Before she went on holidays to the Dominican Republic with her ten year old son, one of her dogs died. She just threw it in a garbage bag and left it in her back porch.  She then went on holidays for TWO WEEKS and left behind a small black dog, a cat and a rabbit with no food or water. After six days the neighbours checked on her house since they didn’t see any activity and discovered the dog dead laying on the kitchen floor. They immediately called the RCMP who also found the rabbit dead left in a cage in the barn. Thankfully the cat survived, although just barely.

When she finally returned from her holidays she obviously found out she was wanted by the RCMP so she skipped town within hours of her return and moved to Alberta.

Not only does she think she got away with murder by moving away, what kind of message does this send to her ten year old son!!!

Just thought you might like to know you have another deadbeat animal abuser in Alberta and it will only be a matter of time before her son becomes an abuser as well.



Please, don’t restrict it to Canada, this woman could move again and again, as she learns the word has gotten out about her and her negligence to innocent animals!

*** CANADIANS *** PLEASE share. Debbie Andrews moved to Alberta to escape animal neglect charges,after she went on vacation leaving the animal alone without care, She is charge with the deaths of 2 dogs and a rabbit and the neglect of a cat who was found near death, who was thankfully rescued and is in foster care and is going well.

*** Need public involvement, don’t allow her to able to skip out on the charges, by moving to a different province to hide. ***

This needs to go “viral” she shouldn’t get away with this!!! She won’t!! Please share this on Facebook everywhere, so that she will face her actions.


Here is another article on this woman!