Car Accidents and Animals

Today about 2pm PST, a large “bang” could be heard from our home. I said to my spouse that didn’t sound good. Both of us are ones who believe in helping others so he went to see what happened. When he came back he told me “its a bad one” to bring blankets and the first aid kit. I said ok, be right there.

I arrive on he scene and see 3 vehicles. One is a grey dodge 2500 truck flipped on its side, the other is a Blue Dodge Caravan and the other at best guest was a Green Ford Focus.

I crossed the street and in doing so, I saw a man, in my eyes deceased and to the right of me a tall gentlemen holding what appeared to be his dog, a Pomeranian. He was in shock, unaware of how this accident came to be. I could see lacerations on his head, his dog I was able to leash and he and I stayed with the man til he was taken by ambulance.

The Blue Dodge Caravan had 3 dogs in it. They had been returning from doing rehabilitation work with others. They were loose in the car. Once everything had been assessed, my spouse leashed them up and we had them temporarily with someone else til we could safely get them altogether with me. We put the chihuahua in a crate as he/she was terrified.

It took a bit of time, rain coming down very hard, soaked through clothing, all that I could think of making sure these animals were safe. There are no people who can make sure they are safe, especially if they are the victims in the scene of a car accident. Or, like one of the individuals, deceased.

Kennels save lives, but so do bystanders who take a chance and offer to help. We took a chance and our rescue and volunteer experience really helped today.

Will be lighting a candle for the man who died today in front of our house in a 3 car t-boned accident. Thanks to Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) for assisting in taking the 3 dogs who need temporary homes til their families can be notified.

To the innocent we would safe you again!

Rescue, Donate, Adopt Don’t Shop



Determined for Tika

I’m not sure what it will take to show people that Tika, an 11 year old Jack Russell Terrier x Chihuahua, with eyes and snow white fur that make me see a beautiful seal pup :), really needs help. Our last fundraiser didn’t raise much, but because she is who she is, I won’t let her down.

I have done some researching on ways to run a better fundraiser campaign and to be honest I can’t let her down. I advocate for animal welfare, how could I not do the same for her?

ImageMiss Tika

Tika’s fundraising page https://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-tika-eat-without-pain/143569


ImageImageTika’s Teeth 1 and 2 photos

Thank you all so much for your support! xo


“Why do you charge an adoption fee?”

Mama is really stoked about today’s post. She was reading a fellow blogger’s page LEASH Animal Welfare Society. You can find them here —-> http://www.leashsavinglives.com/

Anyhoo, there was an article on adoption fees and why people are charged them. Well as Mama has been asked this before, she wants me to post it here for you all to read and educate yourselves. 



Don’t forget microchipping, pull fees, foster supplies until the dog is adopted (food, clothes[for short-haired pups in a colder climate], treats, toys, blankets, beds, leashes, collars, etc), medical care on an ongoing basis, training, and sometimes even doggy daycare.

Also, though dogs in rescues (rather than shelters) are maintained in individual foster homes, Kennelling and Boarding fees may often still apply. Dogs pulled in the nick of time from high-kill shelters often must go into boarding so there is time to locate an appropriate foster family, which does not usually happen overnight.

Rescues charge fees for a reason. On occasion we encounter people who feel the fees are too high, but we are not in the business of “selling” you a dog — we’re in the process of rescuing and rehoming that pup to you and then trying to keep on our feet for the next one, typically without ever slowing down! We are not funded by the government, nor do we take salary from any fees or donations. All of our resources come from adoption fees and donations, and all of this money goes toward the dogs, each and every time. 

Keep this mind whenever you hear someone speak negatively about adoption fees. If you can’t foster, adopt or donate, then EDUCATE 

Thank you LEASH for posting this valuable article! 

Remember furiends,to check out their blog, they have good stuff on there, just like we do!