National Pet Memorial Day

Every year, on the second Sunday of September, pet owners join together to honor their pets passed and present

and think about and share with others the important role that their beloved pets have played, and do play, in their lives.

Today I honor my dogs Blaze, Lucy and Tika who are presently with me. I honor my cats Jingles, Cinder and Ella who are also with me. I also honor my cat Mischief, my beautiful dogs Rizzo and Teo. I would also like to take a moment to honor two dogs I have had the pleasure of having in my life through my volunteer work with rescue, Astro and Paco.

One idea that has been shared and is becoming a popular tradition on National Pet Memorial Day, is:

  • Plant a tree or a shrub as a living memorial.

For more information, see: http://www.iaopc.com/professionals/national-pet-memorial-day


National Pet Memorial Day, an “unofficial” national holiday, was established by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories.

Rainbow Bridge


Beauty within our free run days

Lately, for the last month or more, I have taken all 7 dogs, sometimes altogether, most times in packs of 3 or 4 at a given time. 

All have learned something on our walks, today it was seeing a blue heron fly from a pond that wasn’t expected. Other times it is the llama that is often behind a wired fence, safely keeping his distance, chewing his hay. 🙂

But mostly it has been about the horses. See where we go, it is incredibly peaceful, and occasionally there may be a rider on her horse, sharing the paths with us. At first Lucy, Diego, Belle were barky and unsure what this large majestic creature(s) were. After a few more times of going back to this same area, nestled off a main road, paths and a wooden bridge will take you to other paths, shaded on days like today, where the sun is warm. 

This is what we get to see often.



ImageBeing able to pick blackberries while my dogs wander nearby, rolling in the grass, or laying nearby, taking in the summer sun. Always near a bottle of water with me, and a jug of water at our car. The luxury so many never get to experience. 

Happy Summer! 

Wags and Wiggles!!



The Dark Side of Transporting

I’m a volunteer who has a passion to help those who can’t help themselves. My chosen passion is to rescue dogs from high kill shelters. I help various rescue organizations by meeting the transportation vehicle and bring up the various dogs that have been saved.

I’ve been doing this for over a year now and have seen and learned many things I had not expected when it comes to rescuing dogs.

I have seen some horrendous conditions that dogs in transport come in. I am annoyed when I see a dog sitting in a kennel covered in its own feces and urine. I really hate seeing the potty pad that was put in their kennel who knows when, shredded up in a cthe conditions in serious need of change and sterilization.

Then, I have worked with other transports whose conditions when dogs arrive are clean, freshly watered and fed dogs. The dogs are often calmer than the ones who have arrived in very poor conditions.

I’ve learned to bring water, blankets,dog treats and I have been known to bring some cooked chicken because I know there is a good chance these dogs have not been fed very much on their trip.

I’ve been told that some dogs vomit on the trip so water and food is restricted. My thoughts are, why not feed, water and change kennels at the rest stops? Maybe we need to put people in the position that some of these dogs have experienced, perhaps then they will know the feeling of being covered in feces and urine?!

I do this for the love of the animals, this does not ever seem like work to me. The rescue organizations I’ve been involved with have a common goal. That goal is to rescue as many dogs as possible from high kill shelters.

How can anyone say no to that.252361_458212834216033_2003401903_n




A Day of Firsts!

Yesterday Lexi went to the doggie park and played with other pug doggies! She ran, barked, chased, rolled around on fresh grass and met new people! So happy for her! Try to imagine your pet, who has the opportunity to go outside for more than just to pee or poo? Would you ever not provide time to play catch or to go for a walk? For 5 1/2 years, Lexi has never known what it is like to be around other dogs. To be able to just play and not be scared and yet, this lil girl is so friendly! We can’t imagine never going to da doggie park! Woof Hoo Lexi!!

Please help us raise funds so Lexi can have her bladder surgery and continue going to the park and meeting other fur friends!

Thank you!

To donate and share her page please go to: https://www.youcaring.com/lexi




The Love of Adopting and Fostering

Hi, Momma here. Today I thought I would do a blog to thank the 328 followers we have on our Facebook Page Wags and Wiggles https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wags-and-Wiggles. It is our goal to spread the word to as many animal lovers out there, that adopting an animal in need of a loving, caring home helps not just the person looking for that loving pet, it also helps rescue organizations save as many dogs from being euthanized every day!!!

Shelters need support to. You can help by volunteering, promoting, donating food, bedding, toys, and if you want to donate money, there are specific ways to do so. Volunteering allows you to go in and spend time with all the animals wanting walks and love. To cuddles and snuggles. I’ve volunteered at a shelter and see the love a dog has for anyone who is wanting to take them for a walk, spend some much needed time with them is so rewarding it can make your heart sing.

We also promote food and treat recalls. I think this goes without saying as to the reasons why. I feed raw to my pack, and will from time to time share tips and tricks that have worked well for my dogs and cats.

I know that it takes a lot of work for people who have pages on Facebook. We all have a common goal and that is to educate and share as much love as we possibly can.

I know that I don’t work my page everyday as some do. I get stuck on what to share because so many of us share identical bits of information and not to mention  if you share too much, Facebook sends you warnings and I know some pages have been temporarily blocked for days!

We welcome your tips and suggestions on ways to increase our “likes” on our Facebook page, as we also welcome your successes on what you all have done to promote and educate the value in adopting and not shopping. To not supporting puppy mills, to the value in spaying and neutering

So thank you so much to those that have already liked us and shared us! Without you, we would be able to get the word out!!

images (8)


Sunday Catch Up!!

WaHoo!!! How’s eberybody doin’?

We’s sawwy for not writing more dis week, mama has been focusing on other stuff, but she has been keeping tabs on many different things to do with our fur buddies.

To date, since last Sunday’s adoption event, 3 of our fur buddies got adopted! *happy dances* wagging tails are going crazy over here! Today, we had another adoption event with great success!

  • Rally has gone for a sleepover


  • Cooper has gone for a sleepover


  • Trixie is at a sleepover and doing great, she and the cat are adjusting to each other 🙂


  • Wayne is getting ready for a sleepover next week with a lovely retired woman that is looking for a little companion, and Wayne fits the bill ♥



Mama says that she is doing a transport pick up tomorrow. She says we have 8 new brofer’s and sista’s coming up to go to new fosters! YIPEE!!!!

Fank you so much for followin’ our page on Facebook and for following us here on Everyday Wiggles. Your participation means so much to us!




A Friday Smile – Rescue Style!

Sierra, the fur packs mama. 

I thought I would share the rescue I am doing today, I hope it will make a few smiles come across your faces. 

About 3 or 4 weeks ago, I was on a rescue pull and another lady was there picking up a senior Shepherd/Lab Mix, her name is Annie and is 8 yrs old.

and this is her daughter Sydney, she is 2 yrs old. 

The story is one of sadness, fear , separation, loss, but has potential to be a story with a fairy tail ending…Annie is an 8 years old Shepard lab mix whose humans were critically injured in a house fire. Police brought Annie and her pup into a very high kill shelter in CA. The rescue organization saw Annie, but never knew about the pup until it was too late. Annie arrived in Vancouver after a 3 day transport – she was beautiful – scared and somewhat lame…but gentle. I assumed her baby had been euthanized because Annie was pulled on her last day to get saved…death was imminent for her if she didn’t get rescued.

A few days after arriving Annie was spooked and ran off into the darkness.. 2 days passed with bloodhounds tracking her until one morning a wonderful lady found Annie running on a busy street and patiently followed her and caught her. Annie went back to her foster and has been recovering well there…but the sadness continues…. Just this past weekend we were able to find Annie’s pup… she was ALIVE, and in a boarding facility in LA…showing the same signs of mourning that Annie is expressing… well… its Christmas and we needed a happy ending SO  tonight I am going to meet up with the transport vehicle with Annie’s baby (we will call Sydney) and bring her up to Vancouver, to be re united with her Mom. 

 Merry Christmas Everyone!