Happy Pawlidays!!

Meh Mummy has been volunteering with @Safe at Last Dog Rescue Society and has been helping with fundraising for a gorgeous (ok so he is, but not as cute as moi, Blaze *giggle*) Golden Labrador named ZEUS.   We want to share a message from ZEUS and His Team:
From everyone on the ZEUS TEAM and ZEUS’ foster family, we wanted to wish you all a Pawsitively Wonderful safe and happy Pawlidays

We have set up phase 2 of ZEUS’ fundraising now and donations have started to appear. Just a quick side note, on the


the site doesn’t allow for a second fundraiser for the same cause, so the $2,500 raised is from the first fundraiser. The $3,000 is the total needed for the second one that we have begun. The cartrophen injections are higher in cost than before, and ZEUS needs 4 of them at $50.00 a round, it all adds up.

As well we are looking for blankets, bedding, and all things safe and warm for those in need. If you have anything you want to donate please contact @Marion a Safe At Last Dog Rescue Society


oh and moi, Blaze! I got to see Santa too!!



To Our Followers Across the Pond

From the staff and family of Wags and Wiggles, we wanted to wish you a very happy and safe Happy Thanksgiving and for our Jewish friends and followers Happy Hanukkah.


Wiggle Butts and Whiskers,

Blaze, Lucy, Tika, Jingles, Cinder & Ella




How do you help a bonded mate?

Its Caturday and usually I spend it with my fur family and my humans. Today is very different. Hi, my name is Cinder, the brother to Ella, who has been away somewhere for what seems like forever! Mommy says she is at a special place because she hasn’t been well. But that is too hard for me to understand.

I keep calling for her, but she doesn’t answer. I miss sleeping with her and her cleaning my fur. I miss playing with her, she is such a good paw hitter!

So what do I do, how do I stop missing my sister? My older brother Jingles is here and sometimes we play, but he’s not Ella. I know mommy and daddy feel really bad for me, they don’t like to see me so sad.

So mommy made a Facebook page for Ella and to share about the importance of rescuing and adopting cats from good places. Remember there are bad rescues and people out there!

In the mean time Here is the FB page for Ella and rescuing cats

Could you go and like it and share it for me.

Also if you haven’t done so already, could you please go and read up on Ella’s story and donate for her veterinary expenses please. Her link is  http://www.gofundme.com/558d3o

Whisker kisses and nose nibbles



This is me, Cinder


Ella and Daddy, Nov. 8, 2013


Not Forgotten

Good Wiggle Bum Sunday Morning! 

While we have busy with Summer time fun, we never forget our blog and what it means to not just us, but to our blogger furiends too!  

Mama has been taking us to the parks, however, she had started to feel very overwhelmed with one of our favorite parks because there had been an increase in humans (summer times fun and stuff) and my fur brofer Diego was being a bad boy at lunging when he shouldn’t be. So mama had to buy him a special halter type thingy to go under his arm pits so when he lunges it makes him pull back. Silly Diego, if he would just listen, mama wouldn’t have to do that! 

So last week, mama has been having a bit of a tough time and decided to take us to a much quieter place and we lub it! We get to run free and she decided to pick the fruits off the vines. Oh they look yummy, I sniffed them too (Blaze) *had to make sure they were ok BOL!* can’t have stuff coming into the car after all! 

Then, mama took me to the car place to get her car looked at something about a tire?? Anyhoo, I’ve been there before and got to see some old furiends and of course I love to go and visit the people’s in their offices BOL! They lub me so much and tell my mama how cute I am and how good I am. *beams*

How about you? What have you all been up to? I promise to write more. 

We have also been busy saving dogs and picking them up and bringing them to their new foster families and some have been adopted! Yay!!

Enjoy your day!

Happy Wiggle Bum Kisses!