Losing Blaze

July 3, 2018, a day, my beloved Jack Russell Terrier Blaze who had been coping with Canine Cognative Dementia, suddenly started having very bad seizures at 11:30pm. I stayed up with him all night, realizing he was slipping from reality, to a fur baby I was scared was going to either hurt himself or have an aneurysm and die in my arms.

Suddenly my beloved 12 year old, was in pain and I couldn’t make him feel better.

I am a loving owner who believes in never having an animal suffer, no matter how heartbreaking.

I realized on the morning of July 4, 2018, Blaze physically and mentally was no longer the boy he had been.  He had so many seizures through the night, I knew by the look in my  baby’s eyes he wanted me to let him go and I honored him. Before, we left our home, I asked him if he wanted to see Lucy our other JRT and his fur sister, without hesitation, she and he looked at one another and I really believe they knew.

Later that morning, my beloved Blaze, travelled home to where he was never to be in any pain ever again. My heart broken, memories of our time together, how he saved me from a dark space in my life.

The following weeks were met with grieving. Pets grieve no different than we do.  After a few months had gone by we adopted a wire haired terrier from a rescue where I also rescued Lucy!!

Once I figure out how to upload photos I will!!





Winter and Rock Salt

GreenWelcomeWe have been remiss in not keeping our animal blog up to date. As expected we know we have lost blog readers; but that’s ok, we will work on earning them back. To start, here is our post on the dangers of Rock Salt and our pets.

Each year many thousands of cats and dogs die or are made severely ill from the toxic effects of rock salt.

Local municipalities frequently use rock salt after heavy snow with sand or grit to improve traction. Householders may use it to help melt ice and snow on paths and make it easier to spade or sweep away.

Grey tabby cat sitting on post

Rock salt is very poisonous to cats and dogs. Unfortunately, they can easily ingest it when they lick their fur after being outdoors. The result can be fatal. According to the RSPCA:

It is difficult to say how much needs to be eaten for signs of toxicity to be seen. Even a small amount of pure salt can be very dangerous to pets. Ingestion can result in a high blood sodium concentration which can cause thirst, vomiting and lethargy, and in severe cases there is a risk of convulsions and kidney damage.

Most cases involve animals that have walked through gritted snow and then lick or chew it off their paws as they can find it irritating. It is therefore important to thoroughly wipe your pet’s feet and the fur on his/her legs and tummy after a walk or time outside. If he/she is showing any signs of discomfort after possible exposure to rock salt, use a mild, pet-safe shampoo and warm water to wash the affected areas, and dry your pet’s fur completely with a towel after washing.

Any animal suspected of ingestion of rock salt must be assessed by a vet immediately. This is important as signs can be non-specific and a blood test will be required to check the blood sodium concentration. Immediate veterinary treatment will be needed to rehydrate the animal and stabilise their sodium levels. The exact treatment will depend on the blood sodium concentration and the animal’s clinical condition. Owners should never attempt to induce vomiting; only a vet should do this.

If you suspect your cat has ingested rock salt do not wait to see the symptoms develop, but seek veterinary advice without delay. Again this emphasizes the importance of keeping cats indoors during severe weather whenever this is practical.

shared from the Pussington Post



The Last 24 hours

Blaze here and Tuesday is just about at the end of the day. Boy oh boy have stuff been happenin’ here! 

Yesterday, Miss Lucy and Mr. Toby collided (accident though) and as a result Mr. Toby now has what momma finks is a sprained foot. You should have seen him hopping on 3 paws! He’s quick! Today fank goodness he is pretty much himself. 

Today hasn’t been a good day for me (Blaze) I’ve been having that nasty reverse sneeze thing going on. You know what that is right? Its when I sneeze and it sounds like a something is stuck in ma throat or nose! I don’t look very handsome doing it either! Momma double checked what could cause this and it seems either allergies (which I do have) and stress. Momma says it could be either one. Trouble is, I have to be wif mommy. I get anxious (mommy says that means scared) and I paw at her, I want to be in her arms, or being held. Momma says I only really ever do that when I don’t feel well :(.  Momma gave me some medicine (benedryl) because it is safe to take (our vet says so) and it helps wif two things – allergies and stress. 

Now, Miss Lucy is not being very nice to the other fur kids here at da house. She has been naughty wif being a bully. So Momma has put her in the kennel for a time out. She seems to think that she needs to boss eberybody and Momma and Daddy have both caught her being a meany. I sure hope it doesn’t last long, she could be spending lots of time in time out! 

Paco (who is now called Fritz or Fitzy) is fitting in well. He does have a cough and a lump that momma and daddy are keeping an eye on. Momma says she isn’t sure but he may have a cataract in one or both of his eyes :(. But that’s ok, she says she lubs him anyways. He is a handsome 10 year old chihuahua who lubs to cuddle and give lots of kisses too! He really likes Daddy a lot. 

Whew! Things sure have been a hoppin’ around here! 



A Fur Family of Love

Mama wanted to do a post on how we all take up her bed *rrrruff!* 

But as much as we take the bed up, and sometimes Daddy ends up sleeping in the other room (mama says its cuz he snores), she always has cuddles for us and pets. She tells all of us everyday how much she loves us and reminds us that we are all safe. 

I know that sometimes we drive her around the bend (boy oh boy do we!). But we are her fur kids, she says that we act no different than human children. 


 Taking over Mama’s bed Diego, Toby and Lucy Oct. 14, 2012

ImageBelle taking over Daddy’s side of the bed Oct. 14, 2012