Returning Kindness

I have followed this woman for about 2 years now. No not in a stalking way, she posted a page on her Jack Russell Sparky and as I have 3 Jack Russell Terriers, I was instantly hooked. I however had no idea of the horrific dog biting and trauma that Sparky endured and survived. To read more about Sparky and his page

Gradually her page continued to grow in likes and comments. She has endured many negative comments, trolls and spammers. Yet, for her all she has wanted to do is to help animals. Well its time to give back (in my opinion).

Nessa has created what we call a Ribbon Tree in her home town of Ireland. Those that wanted to have a ribbon hung in the memory of their pet, just wrote your pet’s name down on Sparky’s wall and now I have a few hung in memory of my pets who have passed on to the bridge. She has created tokens, and shirts at times for fundraising events.

A You Caring page created by Friends of Sparky recently to help raise funds to cover vet expenses as well as day to day expenses as Nessa is going to be recovering for quite sometime.

Its important to give back to your community and in a situation like this, is there any better time?

To donate please go to http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/nessa-needs-help-/147158



Volunteers Cast a Beautiful Shadow

It is a well known fact that without Volunteers many of our beloved rescues wouldn’t be here. Many volunteers have their reasons for fostering and transporting the many animals rescued year after year.  Although the number of animals euthanized is still quite high, our desire to save as many as we can goes on. 

In Canada there are 13.3 million volunteers, thank you. 

National Volunteer Week (NVW) is a time to recognize and celebrate the incredible efforts of our volunteers. It takes place April 21 to 27, 2013. 

I have been volunteering for about a year now. I find it incredibly rewarding on many levels. Having a mental illness, volunteering has provided me the opportunity to focus on something other than doctors and medicine. To see a dog who upon arrival by transport, who has traveled for as many as 3 to 4 days to freedom, show you unconditional acceptance. If you have ever wanted a more rewarding career, volunteer.

There is a misconception that the animals rescued are problems, that they are more work than they are worth. Honestly, when you see them and they are wagging their tails, barking in excitement, my first instinct is to hug and kiss them because that is all they want and that is one of the many reasons why I find volunteer rewarding. 

Being Canadian, volunteering is a huge part of our nation. We are very caring and dedicated to community involvement that has given us a reputation worldwide. 

I feel volunteering has strengthened me as a person. It has allowed me to meet others whose personalities are kind and with the same common goal. There is no hardness, there is no judgment, just acceptance and genuine love.