ZEUS wants to play!

We are asking for your support to help ZEUS RUN AGAIN with a donation to our fundraising campaign. We aren’t an organization who reaches out to the community when it comes to dogs in our care.

Without donations, ZEUS will continue to live in pain on a daily basis.

We are counting on your support to help ZEUS. Your donation will be recognized and we will be providing updates and photos of ZEUS with his progress.

Thank you in advance for your support


Community Support for Oliver a.k.a. Buttons

We would like to thank everyone who has shared, “liked” and cared about Oliver and his cause. 

For every dollar donated, helps to get Oliver his surgery and allowing him a chance to live a happy and healthy life. 

Oliver had a rough start living on the streets of California.  He didn’t know where his next meal would come from, nor did he know where he would sleep.  Then to be picked up and put in a noisy high kill shelter, in a small kennel, surrounded by loudness of other dogs all desperate to find their forever homes
Our goal at Out of the House Dog Rescue, is to give Oliver every opportunity to know what love is and to start, we are raising funds for his surgery for his torn ACL.