Yellow Dog Project

I have seen this a few times and wanted to share it with my readers. I think it is important anytime our furry friend is outside at an off leash park, or a leashed park or perhaps on a walk. Something very simple speaks volumes and it may just reduce the amount of dog fights, or situations where a child could be bitten.


So let’s start the new year off right!


Canine ParvoVirus

I wouldn’t be a very good advocate if I didn’t mention that not far from where I live, there is an outbreak of Canine ParvoVirus.

Heads up to those in the Chilliwack area, there is an outbreak of Parvo as well as some kind of mysterious virus affecting dogs etc. Please make sure your animals are protected from this highly contagious virus. If you have a pup, please only allow them around dogs YOU KNOW who are vaccinated against Parvo. I would highly recommend NOT taking your dogs to parks as that is one area where it is highly contagious.

An outbreak of canine parvovirus is being reported in Chilliwack and the surrounding areas.

“We have been made aware of a significant number of confirmed cases,” Trina Douglas, FVRD supervisor of Animal Control Services for Commissionaires B.C.

Parvovirus has been confirmed in 16 locations in and around Chilliwack, and of that number 14 were reported in the last week.

“There’s never that many at one time,” said Douglas.

It’s a big concern because the virus can live on the ground for a minimum of six months and can withstand freezing.

“So it’s difficult to eradicate once it’s in the environment.”

As a result, they’re advising dog owners to get their dog’s vaccinations up to date, to reduce off-leash walks on trails and dikes if unvaccinated.

Animal control has no current cases at its facility on Wolfe Road, and it has been parvo-free for two years. Dogs, as well as coyotes and wolves can carry and shed the virus, which is why it’s important for owners to clean up pet feces.

Dogs can be carriers and show no signs.

Parvovirus attacks the dog’s gastrointestinal system after fecal-oral contamination. It progresses quickly to extreme dehydration and secondary bacterial infections.

“Parvo is a nasty and virulent one,” said Dr. Tim Maarhuis, a local vet. “It can get severe very quickly. When they die of it, it’s from severe dehydration and bloody diarrhea.”

This is the first time in a decade he’s suddenly seen “an explosion of cases” on this scale.

Dr. Maarhuis treated three cases of parvo himself in the last month, and animal control officials have had 16 confirmed locations, in the upshot of recent discussions with other vets in the region. Strict quarantine conditions have to be imposed.

Early signs can include lethargy, lack of hunger, discoloured feces. It progresses quickly incubating in three to seven days.

The Chilliwack vet said he wishes the public could see a dog suffering with parvovirus to convince them of the value of effective vaccines.

“If a puppy gets a series of vaccines and then boosted at a year, it gets some good immunity.”

Otherwise it could costs thousands of dollars in hospital treatment, or the dog’s life. Treatment is mainly fluids by IV.

For more details Dr. Maarhuis recommended veterinarypartner.com.


Beauty within our free run days

Lately, for the last month or more, I have taken all 7 dogs, sometimes altogether, most times in packs of 3 or 4 at a given time. 

All have learned something on our walks, today it was seeing a blue heron fly from a pond that wasn’t expected. Other times it is the llama that is often behind a wired fence, safely keeping his distance, chewing his hay. 🙂

But mostly it has been about the horses. See where we go, it is incredibly peaceful, and occasionally there may be a rider on her horse, sharing the paths with us. At first Lucy, Diego, Belle were barky and unsure what this large majestic creature(s) were. After a few more times of going back to this same area, nestled off a main road, paths and a wooden bridge will take you to other paths, shaded on days like today, where the sun is warm. 

This is what we get to see often.



ImageBeing able to pick blackberries while my dogs wander nearby, rolling in the grass, or laying nearby, taking in the summer sun. Always near a bottle of water with me, and a jug of water at our car. The luxury so many never get to experience. 

Happy Summer! 

Wags and Wiggles!!



Sunny Sunday Chronicles!

Happy Sunny Sunday Eberypawdy!!

Well we have had a jam packed morning so far! Blaze here, giving you all a peek inside our doggy world!

First off dis morning mama fed us our raw food! Oh today was a special day, we got to have a new fish called Halibut! We hadn’t had it before and while mama was getting it all ready for us to eat, she took a picture of dis tail! Lookie how big dat ting is!! Holy moly, Miss Lucy was already licking her chops and hoping she was going to get it!  Mama said not dis time, she will get it after it has been chopped up some, we don’t want anyone to choke or have troubles with eating it!


Then to make things even more happy dancing and tail wagging, we went to the Park!! Oh boy, do we love the park.

Here’s a little video mama took of us having a blast at the park this morning!

Oh fank you so much for the Sunshine today! We have had lots of grey rain and cloudy stuff, and today was such a treat! Can’t wait to do it again!!

Happy Sunday eberypawdy!!



Mama’s special place


Mama took me back to her special place, she says its where she feels close to her fur baby Rizzo, she says it is hard to believe he has been over at the Bridge for 6 months now.  She says she feels closer to him when we go there. There’s also two big animals there, I’m not too sure about them, they kinda scare me. Mama says one of them is named Phoenix and the other horse I’m not sure. Today they were very playful and well I was just happy to be on the opposite side of the fence! 


Mama always smiles when she sees me running free, my brother Blaze runs free to; its truly THE BEST feeling!! I’m still scared very easily, so I do stay close to mama. But mama always tells me to run fast, to go be happy, and before long I am gone like the wind! I start to run super fast and go around things sharply! I like to look like I am flying!!

Tonight, Jingles (the cat), Blaze, Cinder, Ella and I (Miss Lucy) all got to enjoy our raw dinner. Mama took pictures to show everyone how much we enjoy our raw diet.