National Pet Memorial Day

Every year, on the second Sunday of September, pet owners join together to honor their pets passed and present

and think about and share with others the important role that their beloved pets have played, and do play, in their lives.

Today I honor my dogs Blaze, Lucy and Tika who are presently with me. I honor my cats Jingles, Cinder and Ella who are also with me. I also honor my cat Mischief, my beautiful dogs Rizzo and Teo. I would also like to take a moment to honor two dogs I have had the pleasure of having in my life through my volunteer work with rescue, Astro and Paco.

One idea that has been shared and is becoming a popular tradition on National Pet Memorial Day, is:

  • Plant a tree or a shrub as a living memorial.

For more information, see: http://www.iaopc.com/professionals/national-pet-memorial-day


National Pet Memorial Day, an “unofficial” national holiday, was established by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories.

Rainbow Bridge


I saw my boy Rizzo

This is the Pack’s Mama, I thought I would share something that happened yesterday.

Rizzo my beloved Australian Border Collie went to the “Bridge” December 14, 2011. Ever since he transitioned over, I have either “felt” him near, or seen him. Usually I feel his presence in my home or I hear his chain that he wore around his neck (and which I have on my bedside stand, as it rests at he base of my lamp). Yesterday I saw him. 

When I was out walking Blaze, I “saw” Rizzo on the road (a funny place to see him as he knew not to ever go there). Then later in the day, I went to check my mail and I had seen this dog playing with his owner. When I first glanced over, all I saw was this dogs back end and colors. His/Her colors were identical to Rizzo; it took my breath away!  I waited, ironically hoping to see his face match my boy’s. It didn’t as he had more white around his muzzle and nose. 

I stood on the side lines, not wanting to disturb them during their private moment. I reflected on every movement this gorgeous dog made. I smiled as he ran when his owner had the ball and was preparing to throw it. Rizzo would do that. I watched how he returned it to his owner, excitedly wanting to chase it again…. all the same things Rizzo would do, it didn’t matter if it was a ball, Frisbee, bubbles (yes I said bubbles lol) or sticks.

Rizzo’s Anniversary is not until December and yet he is still with me, just like we were to each other when he was here with me. 

I love you my boy.