When Transporters Abuse and Traumatize Dogs

A year ago, I transported for what I will only describe as a CRAP rescue. During that time, I have seen disgusting transporting and I brought it to the attention of the CRAP rescue. She denied there was a problem and that the transporter has delivered her dogs without incident. To go into the details would only horrify people, so I will hopefully be able to attach photos to truly show the conditions.



























Yesterday that all changed, I am thrilled to see and read that the transporter in question, has been outed. As more and more people are being made aware of the horrific conditions that dogs are being transported sum would say brokered up from California to the Canadian border. How it works is pullers and rescues go in with the purpose of getting dogs from high kill shelters.

The problem is, the transporter shoves as many as she can in her van, drives some 18+ hours, with no pee break, no food break, and no changing of the pee pads. Often dogs are found sitting in there feces and urine. On very hot days, there is no air condition for the dogs, the ventilation is virtually non existent and dogs have died from heat exhaustion and then being blamed on distemper. Which if you are a caring rescue, you wouldn’t transport a dog with distemper. Crates are often facing the walls, plastic kennels need a cooling system with proper ventilation because plastic traps in both heat and cold temps.

It has been mentioned that the van in question is not hers, I can verify that it is, I can also verify that often there were 2 vans that would arrive to the Canadian border. Often it is the foster who picks up the dogs and the dogs have been cleaned up, their kennel cleaned and they have been given a high protein dog food, so they are hyper upon arrival. This person has blinded everyone, except those that do know how she operates. So if the BS rescues and rescuers who continue to use this transport continue to pay her and ignore what is being said then the business continues…. sadly

Here is an except of a message shared:

“The side doors don’t open from the outside….you have to reach in along side the passenger seat grab a leash that is attached to a piece of wire that is fastened onto the latch n pull it to open the doors. The back doors were always working to open either because of broken plastic that would get jammed in the door and push down the lock button. The floor is covered with partial board and reeks of stench…..the air blew when the van was running but wasn’t getting to the dogs on the bottom of the pile….those dogs were going crazy chewing at their kennel door. Dogs stayed in their crates for over 18 hours never once getting water…walked ….or feed! Because we were fucking driving the entire time….when I asked her when were we going to stop and care for the dogs her answer was I wad hired to drive n there wad no time because we were behind….she blamed YOU the rescues saying you were on her ass to hurry and get the dogs up there! Common sense will tell you that you cant drive all that way in two days and stop and care for the dogs too….it is physically impossible with one person on the van. I never said she drugged a dog but I did say she gave them this gooy stuff from s yellow tube…she told me it perked the dogs up and made them frisky….why would they need to be perked up if they were doing so well? She stopped and cleaned crates and dogs before delivery…. they were laying in shit and piss until that point….some of the dogs had been picked up from hospital after having surgery…..their belly’s were resting in filth! She went and got bottled water n doused the dogs with it n sprayed some doggy cleaner on them n rubbed the crap off with towels. Pam Wiggly Tails posted a dog she got from Kevan a lil snuggle tooth male chi…..I cleaned up that poor lil dog who was so terrified I nearly cried. I wonder about another senior dog who wasn’t fairing well….when I looked in on her while the dogs were being loaded into the U Haul it looked lifeless. If you want to blind yourself to this cold hearted bitches business practices so you can lay your head down at night. …than I will personally do all I can to end your days in dog rescue! !!”

So where do we go from here you may be asking yourself. There are those who say stop any transports that are set up, thereby stopping dogs from being in disgusting conditions. Hold the rescues accountable, it is hard to believe that any rescue who picks up their dogs can’t see the conditions these dogs arrive in. Charge the transporter with animal abuse and have any and all dogs in her care removed. There has a call hopefully going out the Riverside Sheriff to bring this to their attention and find out what, if anything, can be done about it.

The idea is to be proactive in having others not use her, bringing her down. Slowly but surely there is progress.

If you ever have an issue with a transporter, and have evidence of it, live in the United States – you can file a complaint with Rescue Monitor http://www.rescuemonitor.org/resources.html as well you can also file a complaint with USDA, APHIS, Animal Care http://www.aphis.usda.gov/animal_welfare/aw_complaint_form.shtml


Lexi and Paco!

Today is a big day in our house! 

Lexi is getting her staples out and Paco is having his stitches removed. Paco also has to have another x-ray to see what stage his skin cancer is :(. We are really hoping it is in the early stages, as he is such a joy to be around. He is playful and wags his tail a lot. He has filled out, where he was once skin and bones. 

Mama and Daddy are busy tomorrow with rescued dogs coming up. One is in the morning and the other is in the evening! We are going to a new boarding place called Silver Birch Kennels and we hear that Irene is fantastic! Thank you Irene for making our rescued dogs feel welcome and safe! 



Honor and Integrity

Momma here and I have something to say! 

We recognize you all out there in bloggerverse are passionate about your causes as we are. However, when you take on to adopt an animal, sign the adoption contract, your money should be good and you stand behind it. 

We are very disappointed in the people who have taken on one of our dogs, sign the paperwork only to have your cheques bounce! What makes you different from anyone else? In my eyes, it is stealing and/or hoping that people forget you have one of our dogs and that you get it for free! 

Do you realize the work involved to rescue these dogs from high kill shelters? Do you realize how much coordinating is involved in meeting deadlines and timelines so all these animals are saved? 

Perhaps you need to become involved in transport, meet the many dogs coming across who are very dirty, sometimes needing so much love and attention, that you are covered in feces sometimes, but for us, the moment we reach those animals, none of that matters to us. When you take on a rescue, you take on all of the requirements. 

Please be real and honor your financial obligations to your dog! Otherwise we will be left with no choice but to take the dog back! 

Thank you! 


Rescue Day!!!

Happy Saturday!!! Glorious Saturday!! 

Blaze here and I just wanna say the sunshine is out, fresh grass is everywhere, Easter bunnies (they have special presents for us pooches) hopping around, leaving presents and maybe four leaf clovers!! 

So today, momma and daddy are going to do a special pick up! 2 dogs named Coco and Romeo are coming up from California and we will have a sleepover wif them!! Woop Woop!! 

We have a great team from YESICAN Transport who are so wonderful! They have kept momma in da loop wif how Coco and Romeo are doing this whole trip. Plus the nice truck driver named Jeff stops and walks them, feeds them, cleans their kennels, such a precious gift he is doing, Fank you Mr. Jeff!!!