National Pet Memorial Day

Every year, on the second Sunday of September, pet owners join together to honor their pets passed and present

and think about and share with others the important role that their beloved pets have played, and do play, in their lives.

Today I honor my dogs Blaze, Lucy and Tika who are presently with me. I honor my cats Jingles, Cinder and Ella who are also with me. I also honor my cat Mischief, my beautiful dogs Rizzo and Teo. I would also like to take a moment to honor two dogs I have had the pleasure of having in my life through my volunteer work with rescue, Astro and Paco.

One idea that has been shared and is becoming a popular tradition on National Pet Memorial Day, is:

  • Plant a tree or a shrub as a living memorial.

For more information, see: http://www.iaopc.com/professionals/national-pet-memorial-day


National Pet Memorial Day, an “unofficial” national holiday, was established by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories.

Rainbow Bridge


Happy Pawlidays!!

Meh Mummy has been volunteering with @Safe at Last Dog Rescue Society and has been helping with fundraising for a gorgeous (ok so he is, but not as cute as moi, Blaze *giggle*) Golden Labrador named ZEUS.   We want to share a message from ZEUS and His Team:
From everyone on the ZEUS TEAM and ZEUS’ foster family, we wanted to wish you all a Pawsitively Wonderful safe and happy Pawlidays

We have set up phase 2 of ZEUS’ fundraising now and donations have started to appear. Just a quick side note, on the


the site doesn’t allow for a second fundraiser for the same cause, so the $2,500 raised is from the first fundraiser. The $3,000 is the total needed for the second one that we have begun. The cartrophen injections are higher in cost than before, and ZEUS needs 4 of them at $50.00 a round, it all adds up.

As well we are looking for blankets, bedding, and all things safe and warm for those in need. If you have anything you want to donate please contact @Marion a Safe At Last Dog Rescue Society


oh and moi, Blaze! I got to see Santa too!!




Friends we really need help. I am a volunteer with Safe At Last Dog Rescue Society

As some of you have seen on my wall, I have been working towards helping a beautiful 2 year old Yellow Labrador whose name is ZEUS. ZEUS needs to have ACL Surgery for both knees, but we are fundraising for one knee at this time. ZEUS must have medication every day in order to live with as minimal pain as possible.

To read more on ZEUS, check out his fan page https://www.facebook.com/pages/ZEUS-the-Yellow-Lab/563807007002189

We need to raise funds so ZEUS can have this much needed surgery. Without it, his life will not be one of enjoyment, which he deserves. Please donate, please share. Thank you.


Changes and Progress

Well, now that our fur brofers and sistas are adjusting to their new homes, we at Wags and Wiggles, thought we should redirect our energy and clean up the place.

As you can see we first started by changing our skin. With Halloween days away, we thought it would be fun, to have something ghoulish. Next, we have been promoting our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wags-and-Wiggles/355170354499566, For those who are new and haven’t heard or seen our page, please click the link and see what we have been up to. We have been climbing with our “likes” we are almost at 800!! We are really hoping to get there soon, so if you could click the “like” button that would be so happy. We would do lots of wiggle bum dancing for you too!

We have also decided to work towards helping our senior fur friends. See there are many senior furries that don’t get to enjoy their lives to the fullest, just as our special needs furry friends don’t either. Far too often they are discarded to a shelter where it is likely no one will adopt them. We don’t feel that way. Our Facebook page and our Blog are dedicated to the memory of our Fur Daddy Rizzo. Rizzo passed away 2 years ago December 14 at the age of 11 1/2 years old. Mommy and Daddy stood by him as he fought so hard to enjoy his final days with us. He eventually succumbed to brain cancer.

See senior’s have a lot to teach us as do our special needs fur friends too. We have learned so much from them, that words can’t even be put together to describe how valuable they are to us.

Be sure to check back often as we post about all sorts of things.

Next topic: With winter coming on do you dress your pet in pet jackets or booties? How does your pet like them?



Coping when Fosters move on

Well we were given notice last week where we live, that we can no longer foster Toby, Bella, Diego and Lexi. Right away there was fear and panic. What would happen to our beloved additions who for the most part we have had for over a year. We took Lexi in about 6 months ago and nurtured her back to health, saw her through her bladder surgery and taught her many wonderful skills and showed all of our friends what it means to be loved unconditionally.


Lexi – Sept 2013

The other 3 – Toby, Bella and Diego are equally going to be missed. Rescuing Toby and Bella who are bonded, are very special as their arrival and subsequent challenges presented to them, caused them to have setbacks when they first started fostering with us. As time has gone on this past year, Toby has now started playing with Lucy and he can be found always with Bella not far from his side. We have now been able to brush him without it just being in the bathtub . This sweet boy has given us the joy of learning to trust us and he has the best kisses! I know I will miss him greatly!

ImageLucy and Toby snuggling Sept 2013


Sweet Bella loves her tummy scratches Sept 2013


Loveable Toby Sept 2013

Diego is a daddy’s boy. This vivacious, beautiful Rat Terrier has a personality all his own lol. He loves to do “downward dog” with his daddy and yes that is in fact a yoga move! He loves to snuggle, but as with all animals, he does have his moments. He is very alpha in personality, but it just makes him that much more loveable. Daddy is really going to miss his special boy.


Diego – Sept 2013 – resting

Fostering all of these babes has been a rewarding experience. Full of firsts and full of love. We wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. We are thankful for those that also rescue, foster, adopt and support every means possible to help those that can’t speak for themselves.



Catching Up!

Well the sun is setting here on the West Coast of Canada.  Mommy took us out for our after dinner walkies. We also have been going at the crack of birds singing, lol. Its nice to see the usual 2 bunnies every morning even if Blaze and Diego want to chase tgem, BOL!!

What’s new you may be wondering?

Well as many of you know its flea and tick season and mommy has been busy staying on top of that with our bedding, blankets, kennels, whew, but she is awesome at it!

Mommy has been helping more rescue organizations and meeting some amazing animals! Blaze goes on lots of travels with mommy, cuz he likes doing that and mommy and him have a special bond.

So tonight mommy took a picture of me (Jingles) with my brother Cinder. Its a rare chance that you would get us together, Bol!!


We all hope you leave space on your bed for the humans BOL! Mommy took this picture of all 7 of us on the bed and we left her NO room! *snickers*.


Woofy Wiggle Bums!!


The Dark Side of Transporting

I’m a volunteer who has a passion to help those who can’t help themselves. My chosen passion is to rescue dogs from high kill shelters. I help various rescue organizations by meeting the transportation vehicle and bring up the various dogs that have been saved.

I’ve been doing this for over a year now and have seen and learned many things I had not expected when it comes to rescuing dogs.

I have seen some horrendous conditions that dogs in transport come in. I am annoyed when I see a dog sitting in a kennel covered in its own feces and urine. I really hate seeing the potty pad that was put in their kennel who knows when, shredded up in a cthe conditions in serious need of change and sterilization.

Then, I have worked with other transports whose conditions when dogs arrive are clean, freshly watered and fed dogs. The dogs are often calmer than the ones who have arrived in very poor conditions.

I’ve learned to bring water, blankets,dog treats and I have been known to bring some cooked chicken because I know there is a good chance these dogs have not been fed very much on their trip.

I’ve been told that some dogs vomit on the trip so water and food is restricted. My thoughts are, why not feed, water and change kennels at the rest stops? Maybe we need to put people in the position that some of these dogs have experienced, perhaps then they will know the feeling of being covered in feces and urine?!

I do this for the love of the animals, this does not ever seem like work to me. The rescue organizations I’ve been involved with have a common goal. That goal is to rescue as many dogs as possible from high kill shelters.

How can anyone say no to that.252361_458212834216033_2003401903_n