Hi this is Mama, I’m taking time this Sunday morning to report on a story that as a foster mom and rescue advocate, needs to get out there!

“… a woman from New Brunswick against whom the Crown is expected to issue charges for the deaths of two dogs and a rabbit as well as the abuse of a dehydrated and starved cat who were in her care — at least until she went on vacation out of the country. Seems that maybe her vacation meant more to her than her responsibilities as a pet owner.

I have attached a news article from Friday’s paper about a woman who left New Brunswick to avoid being charged with animal abuse. She was living in Harvey Station, I believe it’s just outside of Fredericton.

Before she went on holidays to the Dominican Republic with her ten year old son, one of her dogs died. She just threw it in a garbage bag and left it in her back porch.  She then went on holidays for TWO WEEKS and left behind a small black dog, a cat and a rabbit with no food or water. After six days the neighbours checked on her house since they didn’t see any activity and discovered the dog dead laying on the kitchen floor. They immediately called the RCMP who also found the rabbit dead left in a cage in the barn. Thankfully the cat survived, although just barely.

When she finally returned from her holidays she obviously found out she was wanted by the RCMP so she skipped town within hours of her return and moved to Alberta.

Not only does she think she got away with murder by moving away, what kind of message does this send to her ten year old son!!!

Just thought you might like to know you have another deadbeat animal abuser in Alberta and it will only be a matter of time before her son becomes an abuser as well.


Please, don’t restrict it to Canada, this woman could move again and again, as she learns the word has gotten out about her and her negligence to innocent animals!

*** CANADIANS *** PLEASE share. Debbie Andrews moved to Alberta to escape animal neglect charges,after she went on vacation leaving the animal alone without care, She is charge with the deaths of 2 dogs and a rabbit and the neglect of a cat who was found near death, who was thankfully rescued and is in foster care and is going well.

*** Need public involvement, don’t allow her to able to skip out on the charges, by moving to a different province to hide. ***

This needs to go “viral” she shouldn’t get away with this!!! She won’t!! Please share this on Facebook everywhere, so that she will face her actions.


Here is another article on this woman!



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